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Real and True Interracial Sex Myth or fact

How do Each of you feel About this, Should White women and Black men have total control

  • Shared Control equally between White women & Black Men

    Votes: 2 22.2%
  • Black men Control Everything

    Votes: 3 33.3%
  • Stay as It is

    Votes: 3 33.3%
  • White men just left alone

    Votes: 1 11.1%

  • Total voters
I am a real person with real fantasy's which I really would like to see fulfilled, and I wonder how many other's like me are here. I am a White married male, 46years of marriage to the same woman. She has cheated on me I know with at least 3 different white men, none black that I know of. She is or acts like a racist very often which I find disturbing due to my way of believing and my Fantasy's
I am hooked on Interracial Porn, more directly I am hooked on White women who provide sex to black men, I am also hooked on black men and there Beautiful cocks and to a lessor extent black women. This is not the run of the mill addiction it has become all consuming changing a roughneck ex-biker and fight loving drinker who loved the ladies into a man who while still hating homosexuality enjoys seeing black men fucking White women especially Wives of white men and having the husbands clean not only their Wives Cum filled Cunts but their own cocks as well. I want this in real life and in my own marriage, I am at the point of fully believing the true and total superiority of the black race and of White females and that I along with other white men are inferior.
I feel all black men should be free and encouraged to sexually use any white woman above the legal age anytime or anyplace if she is willing without regard to the wishes or demands of her White male family members. Also Black men or Women wishing to sexually use White males in any way should also be viewed as there legal and just right including use as servents and private maids etc. Only White women should be equal to the Black male and own and control all aspects of life including Government,Banking and judicial making their control complete and enduring.
I am happy every time I see a white lady with a black man, even more so if they have a baby that is Bi-Racial and I always try and encourage them. Seeing a Black Lady with a white man is as well good in a way though I feel she may be doing herself a disservice by dating white men. The Women who openly sexually service black men are to me the elite and very Cream of the crop of white women and the ones to be most adored and worshipped just as are the Black men who provide those like me with so much pleasure when they sex our women.
There is Little I would not do for either White lady or Black male who considers Interracial sex the best and practice's it as often as possible to them I am a willing servant all they need to do is ask and I will follow there every wish. I am interested in all response's many may feel I am crazy or deluded but this is what I truly believe and feel is right.