REAL anal with BBC - preparation, enemas?

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    OK, gotta try and make this quick in hopes of getting an answer. I can't believe I can't find much about this topic, and only 10 hits on a search for "enema" on the whole board, none of them going into depth. From an old girlfriend who was really into anal and had done a couple of porn shoots, I got the impression it was standard routine, even though in typical fake style the pornos make it look like every girl is just always ready to just take it up her ass with no lube other than some spit.

    First, I know I still owe y'all the story of my first real blacking for Halloween, I've just been two busy juggling complicated relationships and, oh, yes, with work and school.

    I had the runs that night, so we did not try anal as hoped and expected. He turned out to be about 7" long (I had measured my hand beforehand, so I could discretely judge) and under 2" thick, but that was still quite a bit bigger than any guy I've had or what I think the average really is, and a big enough stretch for a first time.

    Two weeks later, we did, and I tried to clean myself out with two or three good enemas earlier, but it still ended up getting messy enough that he stopped twice to go to the bathroom and wash off, while I wiped myself down and re-lubed. Yeck! (after regular sex first, which went fine)

    I haven't had this problem with anal before, but I figure the biggest guy I've done it with was about 6", and together with a smaller shaft probably only half the volume of my new Bull. I'm guessing that at his size, my insides are getting squeezed enough that it's really, well to be quick and blunt, squeezing the shit out of me.

    We have one of our dates again later tonight, and it just hit me that after Thanksgiving dinner, there is probably no way I can get myself cleaned out enough to try anal again.

    Or can I? Real world experience, please. Even if you don't respond to this message until later, I'd still to start a conversation that I, and hopefully others, can learn from. Or if this has been covered elsewhere, sorry, point me to it and I'll check it out.

    Thanks, Lanie
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    Hi Lanie,
    My own personal experience is that it can take several more rinses than what you've done. The larger, longer dicks make a difference. The best thing to do, and I'm sure you've done this, is continue with the enemas until you release clear water. Your diet will also make a difference, so consider what your meal will do to you. People generally don't talk of this, but when doing anal you have to be especially clean and in my case since I can only offer anal, I tend to be thorough when cleaning. When you have the time, practice with a dildo of your partners similar size to get used to having the larger dicks. With prior cleaning before use, you'll have an idea of how much douching you need to do. Hope this helps at least a little.
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    Hey Lanie, I understand that you want to be clean but you really should be careful with enemas. Too much water will actually kill the good bacteria inside your body and leave you prone to health problems and cause issues with your metabolisim. Not only that but it actually dries out the lining of the anus and can make you tear easier and more susceptible to infection.

    Chances are that your half enenas are what made you a little messy in the 1st place. Try to avoid eating 3hrs before anal, make sure you go toilet before meeting him and just wash your anal ring well as you would your pussy, you shouldn't have much dramas if any at all that way.
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    Spot on!

    I have found having girls (who are overly worried about ass play and being clean) do a Coconut Oil Enema is better. Heat the water to 103 degrees Fahrenheit and dissolved organic extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil into it and then take the enema. That is a good sort and only needs to be done once or twice. Do it the day before even. The day of the event, just go to the bathroom (even a bowel movement is fine) and do what was posted above concerning washing really well. The anus is designed to expel so don't gum up the works and stop yourself from being able to evacuate your bowels.

    Women should be on some probiotics if they take enemas way too often. For general elimination improvement needs (DON'T USE CHEMICAL LAXATIVES!) try something like Intestinal Formula #1 a few days leading up to the date.

    Always use purified water when doing any ass cleaning. Tap water can have chlorine and other junk in it.

    As for insertion... If a woman has had a G-spot orgasm then her inner anal sphincter will loosen up. Then sliding a lubed cock in will be no issue. The outer sphincter (the asshole proper) will open up to any lubed finger or stimulation by a tongue. The inner one is the show stopper for most unaware couples. That is the one that hurts and won't seem to give way during insertion in not in the correct state. Keep a lubed vibrator on your clit as he ass fucks you if needs be in addition; that aides some women.

    The gal should be given at least one clitoral orgasm (oral is fine) first and then have her pussy fucked and she can be fingered into a g-spot (squirting sometimes) orgasm and that will loosen her up and taking cock in her ass is simple for her then. Ass fucking is fun when the woman is turned on, it can be more work then joy if she is not relaxed and lubed and wanting it however.
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    Oh my god, TOO MUCH INFORMATION .... :frantic:

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