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I'm a 32 yr white wife that secretly loves interracial porn and I caught my husband watching some the other day so how do I explain to him that I want to try a ir threesome
Start by watching some interracial porn with him. See his reaction to you watching. Start mentioning how you would like to try out a threesome and see what he says
From my perspective, fucking a wife when her husband has no clue is a lot of fun. It's an added rush when you are "not authorized". Nowadays, being allowed to fuck a man's wife is nearly mainstream IF you are considering it from the perspective that a lot of people are doing it. But fucking the wife behind his back, will always be a "no-no", so there are lot's of risqué ideas to enhance the pleasure. I say, find a dude who has something to loose and you can trust, then have a blast.

Melissa and Wayne

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The way we got the conversation going was with a bottle of wine. I ask Melissa what was her hottest sexy fantasy lol she said you go first and I thought long and hard do I really tell her to that I want her to f@$k other guys in front of me and mfm. And I just blurted out I want to see you ....... She smiled and said that's HOT. Which made me a happy man. 2 years and loving it hope this helped