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*** (READ ME 1ST) How to Become Verified as a Real Person ***

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Real Person
Create a new thread in the "Real Persons on BlacktoWhite" forum that contains at least three pictures of you holding a sign:

1. Your exact BlacktoWhite username

2. Today's date (must match the date you submit the thread)

3. A mention of BlacktoWhite.net so that we know this verification was intended for use here on BlacktoWhite.net.


While you do not have to show your face for the verification, we do need to see more of your body in the picture. Please don't try to get verified wearing very concealing clothing making it difficult to figure out your gender identity or body structure.

Please keep in mind that in the cases where you have not hesitated to show your face in nude sexual photos of yourself or for your profile avatar in the past, then do not be surprised when we ask you to have your face present on the verification photos you submit in order to confirm the pictures you are posting are really you.

Make sure each shot of the sign is at a slightly different angle (as opposed to being "straight-on"). If you want to go the extra mile for us, crumple the sign up into a ball and then take your pictures with the sign uncrumpled! This creates a lot of random angles in the paper, and convinces the moderators and members that the sign was not photoshopped.

SPECIAL FOR BLACKMEN - This means you need to do more than just take a picture holding a sign with your cock in the photo. This will not suffice for verifying your real. It could be anyone holding a black dildo in the picture for all we know.

SPECIAL FOR COUPLES - If you are a couple and wish to be verified please submit a photos of both husband and wife in that photos, or submit some photos: three of husband(not necessarily) and three of wife(required), for verification. Photo submissions of only the husband will not be accepted for verification.

SPECIAL FOR SINGLE WHITE MEN - there is no need to complete the verification process because there is nobody on this site trying to deceive anybody by posing as a white male. The verification process then, is reserved for those black men, white females, and couples who wish to make real-time meetings with other members.

We want to make sure you're you! If we ask you to resubmit pictures, you are NOT being singled out. We do this all the time. Just read these directions carefully, and hang in there. We'll get you verified!

If your verification pictures are so low quality that we can't read the sign or be reasonably sure it wasn't faked, we might deny your verification.

Please note! If members remove or hide their photos from the 'Real Persons' thread then they will have their 'Real Persons' status revoked and changed back to Questionable until resolved with Photos that meet the Site Terms and Rules.

Please be patient until a mod views it and changes your status to "Real Person".


The BlacktoWhite reserves the right to reject, suspend, request alteration or renewal of verification process, for any reasons including but not exclusive too any rule change or requirements, suspicion and/or any such actions deemed unfit by BlacktoWhite without explanation. BlacktoWhite reserve also the right to alter or deny a members "Real Person" status should it be deemed necessary.
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