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What is Verification?
We want your experience on our website to be enjoyable, so we offer a free verification service. Become verified to prove that you are real, stand out and attract more attention from other BlacktoWhite users! Members automatically trust verified profiles more than those without a "Real Person" stamp.​

What Do I Need to do to Verify my Identity?
All you need is a Blacktowhite account and then upload verification images or video to the “Verify as a Real Person Here” forum carefully following the guidelines listed below:​

1. Create a HANDWRITTEN sign that contains the following information:​
a) Your username exactly as it appears on this forum​
b) The date you submit the pictures or video​
c) The website name, blacktowhite.net
2. Create THREE PICTURES, or ONE VIDEO that is a minimum of 5 seconds in length​
3. Upload them to a NEW thread in “Verify as a Real Person Here” and upload your media​

What Qualifies as a Verification Image or Video?
  • The sign MUST contain your handwritten username, upload date, and blacktowhite.net
  • You must be HOLDING the verification sign where we can clearly see your arm is attached to you. Crumpling the paper and uncrumpling for the picture will help verify authenticity and may be requested by moderators
  • Your pictures need to be at different angles
  • All pictures or video must be clear and of enough resolution to determine authenticity
  • Pictures or video must have NO digital editing, filtering, or other modifications with the ONLY exceptions being cropping or blurring of identifiable markings, such as tattoos or birthmarks
  • Your account gender must match the gender presented in the image or video submitted
  • You DO NOT have to show your face for verification, however, we must see enough of your body to accurately determine your gender

Who Can Be Verified?
FEMALES - Make certain we can determine that you are female. Wearing concealing clothing or trying to hide your gender will result in denial of verification. While you do not have to be nude or reveal your face, we have to be EXTREMELY certain you are a female and not posing as one.​
BLACK MEN - Your verification pictures or video CANNOT simply be you holding your penis. We need see more of your body to determine that you aren’t placing a dildo in the picture or video.​
COUPLES - If you are a couple and wish to be verified, submit photos or video of both husband and wife together. HOWEVER, only three pictures or a video of the wife are REQUIRED for verification. Submissions of only the husband will NOT be accepted.​
SINGLE WHITE MEN - The verification process is reserved ONLY for black men, females, and couples. We do NOT verify white males at this time because no one is on the site posing as one. White male submissions will NOT be accepted.​

What Happens if my Verification is Rejected?
We will notify you as to why your verification was rejected and give you another opportunity to submit the proper images. If we ask you to resubmit, you are NOT being singled out. Carefully reread the instructions and resubmit your corrected media.​

What if I Remove my Verification Images?
Removal or altering of verification images will result in immediate revocation of ’Real Person' status until resolved with images that meet the aforementioned requirements.​



DISCLAIMER: BlacktoWhite reserves the right to reject, deny, suspend, request alteration or renewal of verification for any reasons, including but not limited to, any rule change, requirements, suspicion and/or any such actions deemed unfit by BlacktoWhite without explanation or notice.
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