Raising your daughter to love BBC?

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Are you raising your daughter to service BBC?

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  1. 12inchBBC

    12inchBBC Member

    Recently I was asked by a couple I've been playin with for about a year to devirginze their daughter and introduce her to BBC. She had a white bf they hated and wanted her to know what was out there.

    I met there daughter before. Total fuckin hottie, just got her driver's license. We played it off that I need a place to stay while my place got some work done, and then they told her her car needed to get some repairs. They also made sure they were out of the house a lot. I thought it might take a few days to get into this hotties pants. Bt the first morning I got out of the shower and there she was right outside the bathroom door. The little slut had been spying on me.

    I just looked at her up and down. Tearing her clothes off her with my eyes. She knew she was caught. She started stammering apologizing. "Shut up" I told her. She jumped startled how forceful my tone was. I let my towel fall revealing my cock as it grew to its full hardness. She let out a soft moan. I couldn't help but chuckle a bit. "Go ahead on your knees. Suck my cock"

    She did just that. Two hands stacked on my cock she eagerly took in the first thick 4 inches of my cock. She tried to suck it quietly but couldn't help moaning every now and then. Her moans sent vibrations right-up through my shaft. As she sucked it I heard her parent's door down the hallway open. And tehre was her mom in her robe. And she looked at me and her daughter sucking my cock, and a big smile came across her face. She mouthed to me the words "Thank You". After a few minutes of watching the mom motion to me that she really needed to use the bathroom.

    "Kalley" I told the daughter "really concetrate now close your eyes." And she did. Her mom wiggled past me and gto into the bathroom. I started fucking her daughter's mouth the slavia dripping down my shaft. She was giving a real wet blowjob just like her mom.

    Then her mom, stupidly, flushed the toilet. The sound seemed to reverbate down the hallway. Kalley's eyes popped open, my cock spreading her lips wide in an O around my shaft. She knew someone had to be in the bathroom.

    I pulled out and released a heavy load right then. All over Kaley's sweet innocent face. As the last thick ropes smacked against her face, her mom opened the door.

    "Oops sorry" her mom said. Then her mom got on her tip-toes looked over my shoulder and saw her teenaged daughter coated in my cum. Her mom kissed me from behind on the cheek, her hands on my shoulders. "She's never looked more beautiful"

    Kalley didn't move as her mom walked back down the hall. "Kalley make sure you don't waste a drop," her mom said right before she closed the door" I looked down Kalley was frozen still. I took my cock head and started pushing my cum into her mouth. "Better do what your mom said". I laughed and finally Kalley snapped out of it and she laughed. As she licked teh cum I gathered with my cock off my shaft she said "I just knew she was a slut"

    Kalley dumped her bf 15 minutes later.
  2. Nobby

    Nobby Well-Known Member Gold Member


    Great introduction that you have given to this white young lady. :) Every white young girl this this kind of introduction to the world of BBC. :)
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  3. WhiteWomenNeedBBC

    WhiteWomenNeedBBC Member

    I would never force any female into anything, whether its daughter, wife or any random woman. Not because of any moral reason but simply because im a very timid and submissive white male. Forcing anyone to do anything or controlling someone just isnt in my nature :D. however i would heavily encourage her and tell her of all the benefits, but in the end its for her to decide. Im sure if a had a daughter shed make the right choice going for a BBC
  4. Kzx9

    Kzx9 New Member

    Because they don't exist and the story is 100% fake? You will notice the OP talks a lot about his "12 inch dick" yet can't be bothered to post a verification photo. Major red flag.
  5. Torpedo

    Torpedo Well-Known Member Gold Member

    Most younger women can't really handle a big thick BBC. With plenty of lubrication a bull can get his cock into just about any pussy. But it doesn't mean the woman especially a teenie is going to enjoy the experience. I find the young ones great to look at but they are more trouble than they are worth. If the bull weaving the above tale did in fact bang some teenie he had better hope she doesn't decide she didn't like the experience or he could find himself someplace where there is no pussy.
  6. 9thWonder

    9thWonder Well-Known Member Real Person

    Now you all are jerking your dicks to this type of shit?!?!? Hide your kids ... hide 'em
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  7. willsrvu

    willsrvu Administrator Real Person Gold Member

    Oh come on. Its just a fantasy. The girl is legal (she just got her drivers license), no one "forced" her to do anything- the parents just made things easy to progress in their desired manner.

    Had this actually happened in real life, the only one who got screwed (as opposed to fucked) is the boyfriend that lost an apparently good piece of ass.

    I'd be the first to jump someone ass if their was any sort of coercion or force being used, regardless of age, or anything that truly smacked of a baby being abused or improperly influenced, but in this story she chose to peek in on someone showering, she could have ran away or to her parents from the stranger she spied on when he told her to suck his dick, but choose to give him head instead and, from the description, wasn't a total novice at doing it. Not to mention that she seemed to be enjoying herself enough that she was oblivious to her mother slipping past to use the toilet, eyes closed or not. No one plugged her ears.

    No force, no coercion, no minor, no issue.