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Rainy night in a commuter lot

First off my wife and I are sex addicts. We fuck twice a day at 42 and 44. When she gets an urge for something long and dark our normal deal is to find someone that she likes the pic of, set up a meeting, and meet in public. If she likes him and there is chemistry then we split a room for fun. Wendy and I are a narrow niche and it can be hard to find players that are onto our same deal. She loves BBC but she is fond of my white cock too. I'm only 7", but its got a large helmet on it, and its thick. I respect the white guys who like to be humiliated and the brothers who like to humiliate them, but that's not our deal. She loves DP and nothing does it better for her than to ride an attractive fit black guy, his BBC buried in her pussy while I'm squeezing her hips and pushing into her ass every time he pulls his shaft out. She also loves to suck dick and get a nice facial.

Well this St. Pats we are without kids, but somewhat short on cash. There are a lot of drunks on the road and the weather is bad. Freezing rain, ice, and fog.
We had been talking texting a guy who lives close, but we don't want to stay out late or go far. He seems great, awesome pic, very intelligent, and a great speaker. All of these things are important to her. So we agree to meet really quick for some coffee just to confirm that both we, and he are interested. We all agree that if we are we will have to be smart and make a good decision to make plans on a better night.

So we stop in at a coffee shop for some Joe and conversation and I can immediately see there is really good chemistry. Jay is very nicely built, dressed nice, and has the look I know she really likes. The way they sit close, make casual contact while speaking, and my observation of my wife's appraising looks up and down Jay tell me in a very short time, that we will be seeing him again. Jay is polite though, he makes eye contact with me while we speak and while he compliments her to me. I can feel the confidence radiating from him as he realizes that she is liking what she sees, and we are both laid back, interesting people. We decide to sit in my SUV in the lot and talk a little more intimately. As we go over what we are into ,as well as his desires it becomes apparent that we are a good match with Jay. During the discussion I'm in the drivers seat, she in the front passenger seat, and he is in the back leaning forward between our seats and Wendy is holding his hand. It's really dark now, pouring, and foggy. He comments that her firm rubbing of his hand and palm feels really good and she explains reflexology and how each point in his hand corresponds to areas of his body. She tells him she can feel some tension in his hand that indicates that his neck, shoulders, back area is tense and he explains that he strained it lifting earlier in the day. She looks at me and exclaims " I'm gonna take a look at that" and jumps into the back with him and starts to work on his shoulders.

Things are going well, but I'm starting to notice that the windows are fogging and we are still on a business lot in the city limits. Thinking that the situation, though mostly innocent at this point, looks like something that might cause an embarrassing visit from a guy with a uniform, and flashlight. I inform them both that I'm gonna hit the highway for a 10 min drive out of city limits to a semi rural area. They both agree that that's a good idea and Wendy continues to work on his shoulders and neck. My focus is on the road, with the rain and fog, but as I leave the city limits I hear Wendy say "Oh my god he has a huge dick Jeff" . A glance back reveals his hand on the back of her head, which is furiously bobbing up and down the shaft of a truly huge dick. Well I'm pretty sure now that there is chemistry!!

" Oh yeah, you like sucking that big black cock don't you." He says. And an affirmative muffled response comes from the back. "Fuck you suck good cock he moans".

This continues a short while,as I catch glimpses of the action. The bad visibility is requiring that most of my attention remain on the road however. I then see an exit out in this dark rural area that I recognize as one that has a commuter lot just off the highway. I take the exit and proceed to the lot and park turning around in time to see my beautiful wife removing her pants and under wear. Without a word she straddles his big cock and guides the head of it into her pussy with one hand. She gets only about a third of the way down before moaning and starting back up. It takes three times up and down before she sinks all the way down his shaft. "Oh his dick is big" she says to me again and they start to furiously fuck shaking the entire SUV. He is talking nasty to her and telling her what a tight pussy she has while grabbing her shoulders and pulling her down hard each stroke. "Ooooh my god " comes out of her mouth three times rapidly and he tells her to "go ahead and cum on that dick baby". She was going to come with or without his permission, and she starts to yell loudly coming. He immediately groans "here comes, he it comes baby" and both of them are now loudly coming for an irregularly long time. He finishes looking a little shocked and admits that he came a lot, more than usual. She confirms this telling me that he filled her pussy with cum adding that she could feel him throbbing and pumping hot gushes into her over and over.
She remains in the back with him for the driver back, putting her jeans back on without her underwear. They small talk and get to know one and other a little more before we reach his car. He now seems interested in talking and getting to know me a little. I felt bad, but I had to cut him off and let him know that I'd love to talk, but that I still had a distractingly hard aching cock. He laughed, they kissed and we all agreed to contact each other by text when ever had they urge. A short drive later, and we were at home. As she stripped, I could see that her crouch in her jeans was soaked from his cum running out of her,as she laid on her back for me, it was still oozing out of her. My 7" cock was stinging it was so hard. Her pussy was a delightful hot mess. I pounded her hard whispering the naughty facts of what I witnesses in the lot and she came again. One long orgasm rolled into a series of orgasms and her contracting spasming pussy caused me to lose control and we both came hard. When we finished I could see the blood vessels in her eyes had ruptured she came so hard. For a long while I couldn't get her speak her brain was so scrambled. We were conscious barely long enough to text Jay a thanks before we passed out.

Thanks again Jay from both of us. image.jpg