Racial Preference In Seeking Dates

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Interesting information... As with all online posts, take it with a grain of salt.

Do You Have A Racial Preference?

Black women get overlooked the most by black men and men of other races? Even when the black women are listed to be the most likely to respond online? Interesting.

The article, promoting the video mostly, is here:
"White women were twice as likely to respond to white men as to black men."
"Men replied most to Asian women, except for Asian men, who replied most to Latina women."

The site running the poll seems to bias the data results, to an extent. No shock there, yet that is not to say the findings are not to be considered.

"According to a study by InterracialMatch.com, nearly 83 percent of white women surveyed said they often fantasize about being in an interracial relationship, but only 12 percent admit it to their parents."


MILFs seem more willing to do IR porn and do it the most overall if you look at the collected data:

Now we get into what the internet is famous for, in terms of providing 'factoids' of a salacious kind:

1. It takes 10 to 12 black guys loads to fill up 1 cup
2. It takes 15 white guys loads to fill up 1 cup.
So says http://hotmatch.com/blog/602285/post_3171692.html

The test to see who is dating and hooking up interracially can always be done by the old witness test with anecdotal stories shared and conclusions reached. If you see it, it must be indicative of something (so long as one does not exaggerate the extent to which what is seen takes place overall).
Swiss teens kiss random black guys!

So all considered, my reason of posting this is simple. At times so many are quick to extend their own likes or preference sexually as being more common then it is over the overall society. On the other extreme, there are those who'd deny a growth in popularity for such happens at all. Both are incorrect.

As a man, I like getting good pussy. No matter her skin color nor nationality of the lady who catches my eye. If she is hot, I'd want to tap that ass per how the male brain works. Many guys feel the same as I do directly. Race is not a barrier to me, yet for others it would be.

No denying that IR sex can be and is very hot. I do like seeing white ladies get dicked down by black guys who can pound it. The data shows that not all hold this view.

That expressed, most of socitey still does not align to certain interracial preferences. At least not the strict black and white ones of which this site is themed for. I know many sexy white women who would not date Japanese nor black men. I do know a great many more who love black dudes and to whom other races, Asian for example, are not an issue for dating yet the also date white guys. Nothing trends just one way when talking about people, women in this case, in general. Humans are too complex and there is no right answer as to whom you'd date or not. You are not bad if you date 'inside your race' only nor are you bad if you have partners who are of different races; same for being judged as being "good" on the same criteria.

My last remark is that I have always found, in the past 15 years or so that I was noticing it, there to be an increase of acceptance of interracial relationships. I used the term relationship to distinguish this from booty calls, hook up and cheating etc. Swinging is its own realm for sure and will always be so.

It seems (from my other view on matters) that IR love with the public acceptance of that is more standard and is a bit less controversial then a decade back. When it comes to mere dating outside of one's race or just seeking casual sex, there still is an extra taboo included for many.

View that info shared how you will. I thought it was notable, if randomly sourced and not of one theme really, and worth a short post.


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I belonged to a dating site for a month one time. The thing I learned was that few females even answer males because there are at least 10 guys minimum pursuing even an unattractive woman, a more pretty female is probably getting 100 replies. She can pick and choose and I bet they only answer a very select few. Getting back a "wink" which takes them all of a mouse click was rare enough. I found that men send out a bunch of replies and get few back. Online dating (as in real life) is a woman's oyster.

As for how many guys can fill up a cup, that person is crazy. A man's individual load may depend on many things including how long it has been since he last came, but to say the color of the guys balls make more cum is funny.

I'm white with 5 inches and I cum like a gusher 90% of the time. When I was a teenager I could shoot for distance and volume. Now I still have the volume but not as much distance.
Brother Ninja, well done and hope you get a good discussion going...as one who has a few years on him and has seen the changes from IR being completely taboo on both sides (due to familial and social pressures), to where the amount of IR is so prevalent via video, various print media, advertising, it's phenomenon completely surprising to us mature (60+) bulls who still kicking it, with or without the Blue Pill. Good luck on your discussion and observations...OSP


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Ninja enjoyed browsing your links, but can't put any faith in that caseythepartygrl link on the 10-12 blk guys vs 15 wht guys to fill a cup full of semen. There are so many inconsistencies, plus I'd give 10:1 odds that's a guy, to begin with ... referring to a guy's cum as "load" ... that's primarily male terminology, you know. But she (he) starts off saying she's sucked over 500 penises, then further down says "thousands of guys I've given BJs to". And she keeps using that phrase "fact is" ... lol that usually indicates fabrication right there. But the biggest inconsistency is her referring to her age. She initially says 21, then admits to a responder that she's 23, but her avatar says caseythepartygrl 24F. I believe she (he's) just all smoked up, if you know what I mean. Mac
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I 100% agree the data on ejaculate volume is suspect. NothingUC and Mac are correct. I added that, along with the Cosmo link, to show the source of data is something which taints getting hard facts on what is really taking place.

Myself, I even am curious how well the BuzzFeed cited study holds. Consider this:


A white math geek 'hacks' a dating site and he winds up with an Asian female. Uh.... That is a lot of work for a math nerd to get a date with the sort of girl who seemingly pairs up with that type of man (stereotypical though that is it say) as any witness to a college computer lap can attest.

Most girls I know age 25 and below are way more into using Tinder for hook ups then more established online dating sites. Until that data is put into the mix, if that data is worth a hang, then who knows if there is any shift in total interracial interest as gauged by online metrics. What people say on the app Whisper about IR sex and dating is very raw, sometimes funny, yet adds to the overall view.

I am shocked that black women get supposedly low response rates online. While not a data set, more and more successful white men in my area of the city can be seen with black wives or girlfriends and even those in the press have been reporting on the loves lives of famous men and politicians (white males) who date black girls. That proves nothing, just one or two cases, still that is more common then before years back.



Check this video:

TY to OldSchooPlayer and DunaCouple as well.