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Since joining this great group we have been asked so many questions we thought we'd post some of them and our replies.

The most common question is:

"How can I get my wife to try black cock?"

A: We don't know. Both of us are highly sexually adventurous and so it was a natural step for us after swinging with some other couples and then sharing with other men. You can't force your wife into it and if you try, you may not like the outcome.

Q: How old are you?

A: Jill is 38. I am 42.

Q: How long have you been involved in IR sex?

A: 12 years, off and on.

Q: Where did you meet your first black man?

A: Jill banged a black guy while she was still in high school, and another before we met. The first black stud she had since we have been married was in the Bahamas while we were on vacation.

Q: Why don't you post pics of Jill fucking black men?

A: We are both successful realtors and in our area, our faces are well known. Those pics will come back on you. (Although we have snuck in a couple pics of Jill in this group but you can't see her face.)

Q: Who does all the posting?

A: I do most of it, but Jill reads it.

Q: How many black men has Jill had ?

A: More than 25. Several more than once.

Q: What is the biggest cock she has experienced?

A: About 10" but she prefers about 8" and thick.

Q: Are you unable to satisfy Jill ?

A: Actually we have a great sex life and her black lovers are an extra for the enjoyment of both of us.

Q: How big is your cock?

A: 7" and quite thick.

Q: Who decides on the bull?

A: Jill has absolute say but will not do a guy if I don't like him or feel right about it.

Q: Have you ever clean her up and sucked her bull's cock?

A: Clean up - yes. Suck cock - no.

Q: What do you usually do when Jill is getting fucked?

A: Almost always join in but sometimes I just watch and then we fuck afterwards.

Q: Does Jill fuck other men without you?

A: No, but on occasion, I consented after she called me. This was while she was on vacation and met men she wanted to do. I usually give her a pass when she goes on a girl's vacation, but she either calls me first or tells me about right after. I trust her judgement.

Q: Do you swing with other couples?

A: Yes

Q: Is Jill bi-sexual?

A: Not really, but she has had two or three women.

Q: Does Jill make her bulls use condoms?

A: Yes, always. Exception for two guys we've known for years. She likes them to cum inside her.

Q: Does anyone know about your involvement in the lifestyle?

A: None of our friends and family have the slightest idea.

Q: Where do you meet the bulls?

A: Hotels. We have only used our home with the two guys mentioned in the condom question. They know us very well and are very trustworthy and discreet.

Q: Do you ever get jealous?

A: Not really. I know what to expect. If Jill became interested in one of her bulls I might, but we rarely see the same men more than once or twice, except for the aforementioned two, but one is married and the other only interests Jill because he's built like a horse.

Hope this is interesting. More later or message us!
It looks as though you post fantasy stories as well. Like the one posted today which was titled something like "fuck fast and furiously" which was posted by a woman. In that story it ended with, my paraphrase, "my husband never found out". Had to be fantasy since you say you post most of the time and your wife reads them all. I assume that's the statement that is true.

It was a pretty good fantasy story btw...liked it.


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Yeah, just for fun. Most of our stories are not about us.
There's honesty in your posting here. A lot of hubbies whom I've met often tend not to want to practice this lifestyle with their wives, yet expect someone to work a miracle with them. Nothing feels better than a hubby and wife having fun with a black man together.