Questions for EXPERIENCED Black Men

Are there guys out there that prefer to fuck married white women more than single white women?

If so is it because:
1) You like the idea of a woman who has had her share of routine, vanilla sex maybe over the course of several years and you come in and have an opportunity to blow their mind and melt their pussy?
2) You like the idea or challenge of getting a white wife to crave sex with you and crave your cock to the point where she routinely chooses sex with you over her husband?
3) You like the idea of corrupting a "good wife" and getting her to do things and say things she would never ever consider before she fucked you?

4) Would you prefer to have sex with an open minded, sexually adventurous MWF who is into the lifestyle, or to have sex with a cute/sweet little soccer mom type who knows she probably shouldn't be fucking someone other than her husband but she can't help but to keep coming back for more? Basically you turn her into a slut against her better judgement.
5) Would you prefer to fuck a married white woman without her husband's knowledge or consent (knowing you wouldn't be caught) or to fuck a married white woman while her husband watched, given whatever level of involvement you prefer (no contact/participation from the husband through heavy participation)?
6) You're fucking a MWF and she is going nuts but her husband changes his mind and wants you to stop. She clearly wants you to continue. Do you stop to try to keep the peace with the husband or continue fucking his euphoric wife?
7) Of the MWF you have fucked how many of those encounters were initiated by the woman without her husband's knowledge, and how many were arranged by the husband?
8) Of those encounters how many just happened based on running into the wife or couple, and how many were set up via websites like this?

My wife is well aware of this fantasy (and has had some of her own) and hopefully by coming across the right black guy and a little bit of time she will make this a reality. She really gets turned on by the IR videos and stories and loves her big black vibrator but her good girl, Catholic upbringing still makes her hesitant to do this in real life. Thanks in advance for your feedback. Really curious about your views here.