Many women skip foreplay and get straight down to business , I personally i like to kiss them titties [guaranteed to make you flow like the wind ]and lick those lips [ another flow session ] by the time i'm done [ many talents ] these women panties fall off on there own [soaking wet ] so to me foreplay is a must , try it just once. You might have a different out-look and enjoy it more.... Never hurt anyone to try!!!!!!!!!

Janice K

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Sex without foreplay is just that..SEX. Yes, I will admit that I've been so damn horny that all I want is that Big Black Cock to pound me immedietly like there was no tomorrow, but other than catching me in that lustful mood of Jungle Fever, it's much more exciting to romance it with some hot foreplay...
My wife, other than having her tits sucked/mauled, wants to get straight to the fucking. She is an impatient slut at times, but I love her!