okay im new to this site , and i see only black and white people ,
im hindu and i have a cuckold fantasy
is it normal?


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beginner, it doesn't make any difference what nationality or religion you are. Some countries & religions look at and punish cuckolding a bit severely, but other than that ... only thing true cuckolding requires is that you have a wife that has sex with other men.
Is it normal to desire your wife to have sex with other men? I imagine if you took a national pole, the pole would reveal NO ... if you poled liberals, a larger number would say Yes .... and if you poled conservatives the number would more likely No. And, if you poled the members of this website I'd say almost 100% would probably say Yes.
Of course here, you also are not only indicating an interest in your wife being with another man, but that it also be a black man. Is that YOUR interest?
Sharing your wife with other men has more risks than rewards in a good marriage. Certainly one of the good points is that it can revitalize a sexual relationship that has become a bit boring & routine. On the negative side, it can create a lot of emotional stress on one or both partners. So, going slowly is encouraged, and make sure the two of you communicate and both enjoy the experience together. Good luck if you move forward with your fantasy ... Mac :)


well .. my fantasy will be reality after mariage, gf and i are very open minded wich make us love each other more,..but was just wondering..