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Question - What do you women think of us cuck boys?

For a white male, this lifestyle is quite the little paradox. When I grew up, the ideal man/husband material was that the stronger and better (physical, fiscal and mentally) man usually got the girl. These days, women are much more liberated and strong, they either have an income of their own, and in many cases they make more money than the husband. Women are usually more devoted and smarter than us men, at least that is what I think :)

So growing up, the beta male got fewer women, so most boys like myself grew up to become alpha males, at least work wise. The submissive male in me was always there, and when I write this, the idea of being in a traditional marriage with me as the dominant part sounds surreal and strange. What turns me on both sexually and socially, are strong dominant women.

The paradox is that I am a strong, submissive soul, looking for a strong dominant soul who is looking for both a submissive male as well as a dominant bull.. So in fact, I am looking for someone who is looking for someone else in addition to me :)

Of course, it has always been my belief that a woman can have both a submissive boyfriend/husband that tends to her dominant side as well as one or more lovers to take care of her own submissive needs. But can you girls/women still respect someone so submissive that we accept - and encourage you to have sex with a bull?

And if you can, is it a different kind of respect than what you could have for an alpha male? The manhood for a submissive is not measured the same traditional way, at least that is what I hope.