Question time...

Why to blacks like to fuck white pussy and to white mans like to fuck white pussy with blacks?? View attachment 255719
Black men love white pussy because it is different and they know white women want something different. White men love to watch their women get fucked by black men because it fun to watch and they know their women will get a good fuck! Love to eat your ass and fuck that pussy!


Real Person
I think for me, it's more of a white woman wanting something different and she is ready to get it. She just wants to be fucked in some cases for just the thrill of the experience and discovering more things about her body. We as black men just like to perform and the stage is letting loose and getting carnal...I know that if a white girl comes up to me for no particular reason it's because she just wants to get down fully; she doesn't want to love me, or strike up a friendship with the random nice looking black guy at the store...and she knows I'm happy to oblige.


Real Person
White women are accepting of the anything goes sexual experience. If I lick her ass, she'll lick mine and so much more. White men become intoxicated by watching their women being drilled by BBC.
One year ago I was search a black girl on one site...and I change my mind and start to find a black man for do something new....and I found a nice respectful black man...after couple month I share her with him and I want do it again...