question on being comfortable.


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So my wife and i met up with our very first bbc last week

She enjoyed it but had some issue's with being comfortable.
wondering if other people had the same thing and what they did to counter it..

The first time in my opinion should be uncomfortable i guess

Still curious what others say

(sorry if this has been posted before ^^)


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Well, congratulations at taking that big step to go black. It's something my wife & I have yet to do, but it's on "my bucket list" ... lol. How long had you and your wife known this guy before allowing him to have sex with her? Hours? Days?
The first time doing "anything" even remotely like this is usually uncomfortable. You should have seen me the night my wife's X boyfriend (also my old roomate) fucked my wife after 4 years. I was so afraid it would regenerate old romantic sparks. I credit my wife and him, over a period of a few weeks, at convincing me that it was just sex.
It's all about emotions, however ... and the "feel good" emotions are often mixed in with the "feel bad" emotions; sort of scrambled signals, and some people handle these emotions better than others.
There's that old saying that "if you aren't living life on the edge, you're taking up too much space.!"
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