Question for wives and cucks...

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Attached women - which category are you in?

  1. Wish your partner would consent to you getting BBC, but no chance in hell he would.

  2. Not want to change anything, keep it a secret and get your BBC fix on the side.

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  3. Not an issue - my partner enjoys and watches my BBC experiences.

  4. Partner is too vanilla. Need a strong Black Bull and my partner should see why.

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  1. chisledblack4wht

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    Lots of women on here who's husbands, boyfriends don't know how hooked they are on BBC or if they haven't had BBC before, how bad they fantasize about it.

    I enjoy fucking a woman in front of her man from time to time. Have been asked by women with relatively vanilla hubbys/boyfriends with small dicks that they wanted me to show him how a real Black Bull fucks a white he see's why she's leaving with him.

    So to the attached women...curious what your thought is on this poll.