Question for White Girls Who Went Black

My first boyfriend was a black guy in my homeroom class. We used to make out all the time and to me, that meant kissing and feeling each others bodies. After a few make out sessions it became a regular thing for me to trace the outline of his bulging thickness while he fingered my pussy as we kissed. I even started wearing skirts or loose shorts to make it easier for him gain access to my slit. After a month of this, he unbuttoned and then unzipped his pants so I could run my hand down to his cock.. although back then I would never have called it that. Well when I heard the zipper fall I almost fainted, my temperature rose and Im sure that my cheecks were flushed. All I could hear was my own heartbeat in my ears, drowning out the stereo in my moms Datsun. I slowly slid my hand inside of his pants but outside his underwear and my breath caught in my throat. It was huge. It was long and thick, and I gave it a little squeeze before I chickened out and made him take me home. Another month of this went by before the big night came. This was first time I actually saw him undress. Well it was a silhouette of him as it was dark in my bedroom, the only light coming from a nightlight just behind him. His cock hung almost to his knees, and it looked like it was as big around as my wrist. As he approached, I opened the covers and he slid in beside me. We kissed deeply for a long time and when I finally worked up enough courage to just do it, I reached down and lifted him up to stroke him like I had seen done in a movie we watched at a friends house once. It was very heavy, alot heavier than I would have thought. Anyway, I wanted him inside me, so I let him between my legs and as he placed the huge chocolate head of his cock against my slit I almost fainted. Then he started to apply pressure and I thought my vaj was on fire. Finally it made a kind of popping sound as it broke inside and then my vaj was screaming at me to get that thing the hell outta me. It hurt so bad and he just kept shoving it in and out in and out. Once inside me he quit listening to me like his body was on remote control and we had sex for about five minutes before he came. And yes he came inside me and no he wasnt wearing a condom because we were to embarrassed to get them but luckily I didnt get pregnant nor did I catch any disease. Well... other than a healthy addiction to black cock. We probably had sex about 15 times over the next few months, we broke up because I found out he was screwing a friend of mine while he was waiting on me to give him some and my heart was broken.
My next boyfriend was black as well. We dated for a few weeks before we really started making out but now I was much more bold and waisted no time as I had his cock in my hand on the third date. It was about the same as far as I could tell... long, thick and heavy. We had ALOT of sex... we were together for over a year and he literally beat my vaj up so bad that I could hear myself squish when I walked sometimes. But we eventually broke up to...
My third boyfriend was black as well... he was smaller than the first two guys by a bit and not as thick but still very respectable. I just thought that all cocks were that big back then. I had no idea that some were big and some were small and most were somewhere in between... I am married to a white man now. I love him and he loves me, and I also get all the black cock I want, just because it turns us on.


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Didn't see my first black bull's cock as he approached me from behind in a hot tub. He wrapped his arms around me one hand on my pussy and the other moving my head back so he could kiss me. I felt his cock rub up against my ass and I moved my hand behind my back to feel his cock and WHOA! it felt so big and heavy in my hand. I looked at my husband and mouthed the words "he's huge". We kissed for a couple more minutes and when I turned around there was nothing but the look of desire on my face as I dropped down try to fit that big, thick cock in my mouth. Thats my standard approach...I get busy with my mouth as soon as I see a bbc... and then smile and remark on the size afterward.