Question for the cuckold husbands...

What kind of cuck are you or do you want to be?

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I went with the full service cuckold also, even though I'm not so hot about getting ass fucked.

It just seemed to be the closer type as to just sit, watch and give oral service didn't appear to include the truest parts of being a service oriented cuckold: making snacks, serving refreshments, cleaning up, changing the bed linens, etc., as well as providing the more expected sexual services such as fluffing, inserting his cock into my Wife's cunt or ass, licking her clean afterward, etc.
I imagine that if he really wanted it and it would amuse her to watch me submit to it, I'd be getting butt banged as well.



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Having a BBC fucking your ass as your wife watches is incredible! It further cements the position of the cuckyboi of being completely submissive to both the BBC and his wife. i now love it when a Real Man takes my ass and uses it for his pleasure and for my wife's entertainment.
None of the above for my husband, for us the Black guy is the toy.
I selected watch only since that was the closest to the way Alexalso put it, which is what I want. I'd love the black bull to be a partner with me in pleasing my wife. That's pretty much what we going except my wife has only gone as far as using a big black dildo. She generally starts with it, cums big time, and then I get to business, and she cums again. Her doing the b