Question For The Black Bulls

Why or why not, is wanting white girls over black girls, not white supremacy? I mean, it's like having a white girl is like status or something....


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My biggest turn on is pale, petite redheads. That is my preference however over the 50+ years of my sexual activity I can cay with reasonable certainty that women of every race have graced my bed. As to why I fuck mostly Caucasian woman is that they seem to want to be fucked by me. I belong to a group of mostly Black men and mostly Caucasian women. We get together to fuck not discuss investment options. As to any supremacy white or otherwise I don't see it in the group. The women that share my bed bring a good deal of pleasure to my life and since some have been coming back for years I assume that I bring a significant amount of pleasure to theirs. To me the arrangement seems equitable.