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Question for ladies with Cucks

So Once I had a Cuck ask me to stop fucking his wife and I just laughed at him and left I'm still fucking her BTW. But I wanna know Ladies if your Cuck asked you to stop fucking black guys would you do it


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So what would you do if Tom said "Baby, I know we needed this, but this is killing me. I am supposed to be the one to take care of you and the one that you love. I wanted you to have the good experiences and I wanted you to be totally happy. But I just can't take it anymore. I have supported you through everything. But I need it to stop.". What would you say?
good question. never happened that hubby asked me. And i don't know if he asks me what i'll do. This game is made by 3 components: me hubby and bbc. i really don't know and hope to never know.


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Im not sure. I would be disappointed as it was hubbys idea and I only started because of him. Its part of our life now and enjoy it. Also I would be annoyed as more people I know are now aware of what I do- including friends and family members- so to be asked to stop would be a bit silly. He should have said before people became aware!
I like my guy, i like flirting in clubs with other guys with the chance of getting off with them, I like this site, I like the self confidence ive gained by going with different guys.
But I do love hubby, so i suppose if he was really becoming upset by it all, I would have to stop. Luckily hes still enjoying it at the moment! X