Question for ladies: Male escorts?

So I have a lifestyle friend who regularly sees black male escorts. She says that she likes it because they are in good shape, well hung, and they are more comfortable with her being married, being discreet, meeting on short notice, etc.

I am concerned about hygine, stds, and my overall safety. Some of her bulls cater to men also which increases my concern for STDs. Still, is the risk bigger than when I go to a swinger club?

Neither of us have a problem finding men to party with, but we have both had situations where we have been disappointed in the bedroom, and had awkward situations afterward.

What is your opinion on escorts? Have you ever been with one?
My gf says she would meet a black escort. I will try and organise one on our next holiday. She is a BBC virgin so am hoping this could be the start!
ive been asked by cpls and wives to please them ,ive been paid a few times by hubbies to make sure i was there , i get checkups bt i rarely play with out condoms and i dont cater to men .Ive never left a couple unpleased ..
well since in lifestyle now and i have a few freinds having problems. hubby tells me i should turn them onto the idea of fucking black cock. we bought a house to rent out but decided to make it a party house and well thats my fuck house. so freinds will be able to take black dick only. yes it sounds crazy but fun.

Janice K

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Sounds like a fun party house Cindi..I can just see it now...white women coming to the house to meet black men, especially the ones coming to get BBC for the first Please let me know if you do this..