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The cock I have now is the only one I ever had. It fits better in some than in others. Most women prefer not to anally fuck me but I have never had a problem with loose pussy


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You never can tell what a woman can handle until she handles it. Her physical size seems to be irrelevant. There was a woman in our group a few years that was just over 5 ft. tall and very petite. My cock was bigger than her forearm, no joke. The first time I fucked her she literally engulfed my cock and fucked me like a mad woman. At the beginning I was concerned about hurting her, by the time she was done with me I was starting to wonder if I was going to get my cock back. I sincerely felt bad when she moved away. Then I have seen woman over 6 ft. tall and thick that have trouble at 8 inches.
I heard that men that are hung, say 10 or more, have problems getting hard. Guys like John Holmes were never really completely hard according to women he fucked. Also, men like Mandingo and Lex Steele have troubles with blood flow, which is why they need to hold their shaft when penetrating a women. Do any of you guys have that problem?


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I don't get as rock hard as did when I was in my youth, I am 60 now. But it still gets stiff enough to do the job. Anyone that has a long cock knows that even if a woman is really wet and/or you are using a lubricant you need to steady your cock to enter a woman. There is also the issue aiming the damn thing where you want it to go. The last thing I want to do is thrust hard and fold my cock in half, it doesn't feel good and can result in long term damage to the organ.
Is it frustrating for you fucking women with your huge dick and you can't bury it all the way inside her?

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As I wrote elsewhere on this site, I have had only one BBC to date. He was an old university friend of my Hubby and is extremely well endowed. Edwin's manhood is much bigger than anything I had ever imagined. I eventually measured his dong at almost 13 inches from his pelvis to the tip of his cock and well over 7 inches in circumference. Yes, it initially hurt like crazy (the nice kind of hurt if you know what I mean) and it took quiet awhile for him to get even half of that monster into me! When he managed to bury about half of that thing in me the rest was relatively easy!

I guess it was because I was more relaxed by that time. I had just had several orgasms. Edwin had unloaded in me at least twice, or maybe three times. Consequently I was well lubricated and able to accept his black intruder right to his balls!

Now my belief is: "No cock is ever too big! However there may be some pussies unwilling to accommodate! A lot also depends on the cock owner! He has to be a lot like Edwin. Kind, patient, able, willing and determined! I also agree, the female body size is irrelevant as to what her pussy may accommodate!

It's "not the size of his cock that counts! It's the size of the cock buried deep in her pussy that matters!"

p.s. It's really funny now when I think of it! Every once in awhile I would take a glance at Hubby as he watched Edwin having difficulty trying to get it into me ....... from the "get go!" I mean something that big for the first time ever! He had to stretch pussy even at his first attempt and thrust to get it into me. What was funny was the look on Hubby's face as he watched! It as if he was in a state of "immobilized shock and awe!" I tease him now about that! Ha! Ha!


Great question. I was with this girl recently and had been thinking bout tearing her up for weeks. Well she couldn't take all of me at first, and I don't even consider myself all that hung, just girth & thickness. So instead of the vision I had of just punishing her, i had to scale back the first couple times, until she was used to it. But of course it was worth the wait, but very frustrating in the beginning.