Putting my fantasies into stories

Hey everyone, I'm an aspiring cuckold who is engaged to a wonderful woman. She has always had a bit of jungle fever in her, always swooning over the football players in college. Hell, her celebrity crush is Richard Sherman from the seahawks, so my fantasies may become a reality one day. Anyway, here I'm going to put my fantasies into stories for other's pleasures or discussions. Thanks!

How it all starts: The new neighbor

It was the beginning of summer in the south. I had the pleasure of being stuck in summer classes while my fiancé, Baley worked part time. I was walking up the stairs to our apartment. Our building was the stereotypical college apartment, it was 2 stories with outside stairs to a small porch that had 3 units. We lived in the unit right next to the stairs. An older woman lived next to us, and the 3rd was empty. As I got to the top step, I heard hip-hop music. I turned and the third unit's door was open with boxes inside. There was an older black guy bobbing his head and opening a box. He was in his late 30's, average height and build. He looked over and I waved. He walked over to me and stuck out his hand.

"Hey I'm Derrick", he said.

"Zach, good to meet you", I replied, but he looked like he already knew that.

"Yeah, your girl told me earlier. It's good to meet you. I gotta get back to packin, I'll see you two around."

Weird, she's usually not the type to introduce herself to neighbors, especially without me. I thought.

I nodded and opened my door. She was standing there a few feet from the door.

"You were watching through the peep hole?"

She nodded with a slight grin.

She was in some dark blue cotton cheerleader shorts with a white tank top. Her pink bra visible underneath and pushing up her breasts quite nicely too. Her long red hair and pale white skin completed the package. I know what she was thinking. We would role play about being swingers sometimes, but she always took it to just her getting fucked by a black guy. I went along with it because I secretly loved the thought of her being with one. She usually likes muscle gods with long dreads, but I bet she was excited anyway.

"Isn't he so hot" she said softly.

"Didn't think he was your type, he's almost as old as your dad.


By now she was up against me rubbing my hardening cock through my jeans.

"Could you just imagine his dark hands on my tits or grabbing my white ass.." She was breathing hard.

She pulled my cock out and was slowly jacking it. "Seems like you're imagining it too".

She then grabs my had and pushes it down the front of her shorts. Holy shit she is soaking wet.

"Can I go out there and flirt alittle?" She asked looking up at me.

My eyes gave my approval. I was rock hard by now with it hanging out. I knew she wanted more.

She smiled. "You stay here and watch through the peep hole, and I'll go out there okay?"

I nodded slowly. I was so turned on and scared at the same time. She would flirt and dance at bars some times with me watching afar, but this was different. The look in her eyes was different. It said to me "If he wants my pussy I wont deny him"

She stepped out and closed the door. He looked up from a box and smiled.

Was this already planned from the start?

They stood and talked against the railing, obviously flirting. She was twirling her red hair in the sun and giggling. They both looked at the door I was spying from.

Did she tell him I was watching?

She turned toward the railing looking out. Derrick took this opportunity to check out her ass in those thin shorts. He then put his hand on hers and was whispering in her ear. I wish I could hear what he was saying. She bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes as he whispered. She was liking what she was hearing. He then put his arm around her hip and pulled her close. Probably against his cock. I saw her hand move to that direction, but I couldn't see.

His hand slowly moved down and grabbed her left ass cheek. I heard her gasp and look up at him. He was quick to then plant a kiss. That moment seemed to have frozen in time for a few seconds. Then they broke and she looked up at him and nodded. They switched positions and his back was against the railing and she was in front of him. She gave a quick glance in my direction with a smirk on her face. They started making out and exploring eachother's bodies with their hands. His dark hands going over her pale skin made my shiver. They were then making out with her hand down the front of his pants and his hands gripping her plump ass. She then started to kiss down his neck and got on her knees.

Oh no.

It was the middle of the day and the older woman next door was at work, so nobody was around.

"Are you really going to..." I whispered to myself.

She was staring up at him with those bright green eyes, slowly pulling down his shorts. When those were at his ankles she started to kiss the outline of his cock in his boxers, worshipping it. It was hard to tell but I think he was huge, even only slightly hard. She then started to pull it out of his boxers.

Holy shit, it was huge

She was wide eyed staring right at it. The head was only inches away from her face. She started to slowly pump it and I think I saw her gulp before she looked up at him. He said something and nodded to her. She slowly stuck her tongue out to tastes his precum and then lick up and down the shaft. It was hard now at around 9ins and pretty thick. Hanging below it were two big balls. She took them in her mouth trying to be gentle. Derrick leaned his head back with his eyes closed.

After giving his balls the attention they deserve, she then took his dark head in her mouth. She seemed to be doing pretty good bobbing slow about halfway down his hard black cock. I could barely hear the slurping sound. He then grabbed a handful of her hair and her eyes shot open as he started to push her farther. Each time she would go a bit farther and slightly gag. He would pull her off to get a quick gasp of air before shoving his cock back in her little white mouth. She was starting to tear up making her makeup run.

Should I be upset with how rough he is with her? But while watching I saw she was not offering any resistance. One hand was in her shorts moving in a circle while the other hung on to the railing. She was turning into a black cock slut right in front of me.

Derrick started breathing faster and said something to her. He pulled her off his cock and started jerking it fast. She sat in front of him and pulled her tits out and with an open mouth. He then threw his head back and moaned while the first rope hit her forehead to her cheek. The second hit her lips and chin. She then wrapped her lips around the head. She took over pumping his cock trying to milk all the black seed possible. Her eyes looked like they were filled with lust. After a little bit she stopped pumping and let his cock fall from her mouth. He pulled up his shorts and said "See you around baby." and walked inside closing the door.

There she was still on her knees after being a slut for a black man she knew for only a few hours. It was the hottest thing I've ever seen. She then pulled her self up and walked to our door. I backed up as she opened it and stepped inside. She still had her mouth closed and two globs of cum running down her face.

"Taste" was all she said as she stepped to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and forced her tongue in my mouth in a slopping kiss. I tasted his salty seed as our tongues danced. She then led me to our bed and we had the best sex we've ever had. She rode me hard with his cum dried to her cheek and lip. She was telling me how amazing it was and all the nasty things she wanted him to do to her. I blew a huge load deep in her pussy, savoring the tightness. I wondered how far this would go, but I had no idea.

To be continued...
"There she was still on her knees after being a slut for a black man she knew for only a few hours. It was the hottest thing I've ever seen. She then pulled her self up and walked to our door. I backed up as she opened it and stepped inside. She still had her mouth closed and two globs of cum running down her face.

"Taste" was all she said as she stepped to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and forced her tongue in my mouth"

I like that part of the story.