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Public restrooms turn me on


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probably because I had my first bbc in a public restroom after drinking and dancing at a bar
Idk what it is but there's nothing like a night out on the town drinking followed by a stranger following me in the bathroom for a quickie I love the risk in that anyone can walk in on us maybe I'd even let them join
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Autzen stadium, Eugene, Oregon, Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead. I was walking out of the mens room and this cute young lady grabbed my hand dragged me back into the restroom and said, " The line for the girls is about a half mile long, so you can stand guard while I pee." I admired her brass so I did. While she was peeing she asked my name, I told her, asked hers. I heard the toilet flush and she said I could turn around and she reached up and unzipped my pants and started giving me a BJ. Well one thing leads to another and a lot of people got a show that afternoon. Of course most of us were tripping on acid might have had something to do with it.