Proving them wrong

I don't know why. I studied for years to get my social work degree ... my MSW. It was all academic though ... boring and dull ... what a waste of time.

My teachers said I'd never make it. What a bunch of know-nothings.

Now I'm in the real world. I work in the hood all day long and my clients are unanimous in their approval ... I'm really good at my job.

Social work.jpg
Hmmmmm NEF? I have a theory ... one not espoused by my professors. Okay, there was this one professor but, well ... that's another story.

Anyway, the theory goes like this: You can do all that boring stuff. You know ... help em get jobs, show em how to get the benefits ... all that stuff. It takes sooooo long and ya know what? None of it counts for squat. Now then, you roll up your sleeves and open those pants ... you take a guy back to his primal roots and build him up from there! Wow ... confidence, self-esteem, satisfaction ... now you've really helped out in a meaningful way!

My motto: "Leave the paperwork at home and the panties in the drawer!" I don't need either ...