Proud to be a small dicked cuckold

Any other cuckolds that are proud to have small dicks?

I see it as natures way to render me useless for women, to encourage them to go for big black cocks. Natures way of telling me "for masturbation only" :D

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A friendly reminder to women on this site on why to stick to the big black cocks :)

Cuckolds: feel free to post your small dicks here, to remind women why they should never go back :)


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I'm not "proud" of my small dick (I'm a 5"er and get harder than a nail), but as they say "It Is What It Is" ... at least I'm blessed with a fairly thick cock.
That said, I can't be convinced that a man, with the love of women as I have, if given a choice of his cock size, would choose to be small dicked man. I wouldn't want a very huge cock, but something around a 7"er would be nice. Any longer than that, I'd probably be tempted to just "suck it myself " ... :bounce:

ok ... enough, its 1PM ... back to work! :(