Promotion Last Night

Don't usually post however, this was an interesting night. During an event last night and after all vendors and entertainment had been confirmed and checked in I went on my rounds. During these rounds I do the usual marketing, promoting and greeting people. As I walked into any area which seated event staff and their guests I was greeted by a two women, one which was black and the other white. As I hugged the black girl, of course I gave her a pat on that fat ass, broad laughed like they do. However, I vaguely recognized the white girl and connected her with one of the audio guys . Long story short, I didn't smack her ass . Each time I ran into these two ladies throughout the evening, hugs, but now longer hugs. You know the type! Now the white girl says "I'm feeling left out" why, not having a good time? "No my ass hasn't been touched at all, but you've touched hers a few times". I'm thinking dam, am I fucking both of these tonight? Of course not, just my imagination. Then I gave her ass a good squeeze. That point I felt the wet pussy . Done deal playa. After the show, during the early morning hours I walked with both ladies toward a secluded area of the resort lobby where I was sucked by my white queen until I'd had enough. Though my black queen didn't join in she played an excellent lookout as I delivered this dick to a horny attorney gripping her ankles. As I stroked, I could hear the pussy talking to me .And the look that the black girl gave me as I fucked her colleague turned me on even more . Just the best and I wanted to share here first. Carry on friends .
Let's link up, and network. Maybe we can create something like this at one of your events or the events you attend. I'm interested .