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Private fakes

I've never replied to anyone without providing a faked pic (or video). There has only been one case where I've asked for more. And I didn't even ask for more photo's of her. I asked him to send a photo that best represents her body.

I still even made a fake before requesting examples out of good showmanship. (It was lousy, but that was the point. The pics provided were too low res. A reoccuring problem I've seen from other fantasy artists.) I wish I could prove this. But then that would mean I wasn't providing -private- pics.

@dlintz That's not fair to trash my reputation. You know I've sent you a fake. I have a lot of requests. There are a lot of photos that are more inclined to faking. Other's are even posing their wives/gf's to match interracial photos they've provided from online.

I will ask for other members to post testimonials. Or if they'll allow me, to post censored before/after images.

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