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gingergb.jpg My Ginger loves black night she wanted to go alone to meet witha bbc she plays with once in a while. I havent even met him.......shes known him for a long time.

Apparantly, he is truly hung like a horse. EVERY story has 'horse hung' blacks, but Ginger is hot, and well hung guys are just drawn to her. Ive seen her in BBc ganggbangs on down...Ive seen her fuck 10-11 inch cocks while being so excited she couldnt stop smiling.

"Mike" apparantly has everything she likes...long and thick....she tells me how on past encounters he enjoys sticking his cock in her mouth and pussy, going back and forth, enjoying her sucking on his cock. nI loev it when she comes back, and she is dripping cum.....her pussy gets so slick with cum, an indescribable turn on

Last night, he invited her over...she went...I like her to leave her cell phone 'on' so i can lkisten what goes on...

This time, however, it sounded like there were two extra guys there.......she seemed a little put off at first, Mike encourageing her to 'dance a little'.......offering her some party she loosened up ....I could hear her laughing as the guys cheered her on.

I was hard as a rock.

Finally, mike told her to suck his cock....and I heard her giggle......then I ehard the sound of her getting onher knees to give head. I could hear the slurping sounds. he told the others to undress......Ginger gasped "Oh my god!!!", i could only guess what she saw at the time.

I guess she continued to suck all three cocks...i could hear her slurping....I heard a voice that wasnt familiar say "Im coming"..>Ginger is an expert cocksucker, and loves to swallow. I could hear her subject grunt and groan as he puimped into her mouth. He laughed as she kept sucking, him having to pull his cock out of her mouth.

The phone then went dead......I was beside myself. What was happening......? She returned about three hours later....exhausted.....she said t hat she didnt realize the phoen shut off, but that all three came twice each, and she swallowed and took internals in her ass and pussy. That they gave her a dp, and that she got them to cum simultaneously in her pussy and ass. I had jerked off twice while waiting for her, and when I saw her wet panties, and smelled the musty odor of sweat and cum, I had to bend her over and lick her clean. Cum dripped from her asshole freely...........

She let me fuck her before dozing off......with me cumming in her ass, which by then was loose and slick. The thought of those bbc's unloading in her tight much pleasure she gets from it.....and me being the last of several top use herw as HOT.

Shes still sleeping now.........I cant wait to hear the details.....