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Private African BBC Slave for Single Ladies ONLY!!!

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My Dream has always been to have a Long term Interracial relationship, its normal that for the past 15 years it was never happen, maybe because am from Africa, which mean you find few number of white ladies, there for for over 15 years I have been thinking, planing, preparing my mind and Cock how will my first Interracial and sexual relationship with look like ( I really pity the lady who will employ me as her slave!!!) I will stop here!

Ok ladies, here is a free young single BBC, looking for sexual Job opportunities, no paying in Exchange, just be ready to handle my dick perfectly, because for the past 15 yrs it has been so hot.

What you waiting for?
Contact me,i am a white U.K. male & i want to black my wife, i have told her a number of times about my hopes & dreams.I would love to chat with you about your sexy/dirty thoughts!
What I want,what I have been dreaming for, what I seek, its a simple white woman who will be at my order, a woman who will help me spend all my energie on her, a woman who will remove,eat and drink all my cum,a woman who will move out the evil black sexual spirit that lived in me, a woman who is ready to suffer from my fantasies,cuck.
Not open for further replies.