Calidora drifted off to sleep, her brain flooded with endorphins. She slept secure and sound feeling safe and content as well as pleasantly exhausted. Her life had not always been so simple and carefree though.

As the niece of the King of Argos, and a woman of renowned beauty she was betrothed to Demothenes of Messene as part of an agreement between the two city states of Argos and Messene. It was all part of a treaty that was meant to counter the growing might of Sparta.

To the young noble woman however, it meant she had to leave her city, family, and her secret lover Melegros the poet, to become the wife of a old King. Even worse, she would be his fourth wife, not even the head of her own household. Technically a princess, she felt she had less freedom then the foreigners and low caste freeman that pulled at the oars of the Bireme warship that propelled her to her dreaded fate. Those base men received a meager pay and the tales of their lustful appetites were legend in all of the ports of the Aegean Sea. They were free to pursuit their whims.

The dark skies and rough waters on the fifth day a sea were a concern to all aboard the ship. A fact Calidora could sense, despite her sea sickness. She and her household slaves were advised to take shelter under the canvas cover to the rear of the ship. The captain informed Calidora's chaperone within her earshot " there is no suitable place to land along the rocky shore, we must head out to sea and weather the coming storm."

Hirn spoke to the large African next to him, Mago, in the shared language of the sea people. "This storm is bad my friend. It has pulled us out to sea for many hours without lessening ." Mago nodded and said nothing. The pair had pulled oars together on the same bench for two seasons. Both men were foreigners, Mago hailed from Carthage but hinted, when drunk, that his ancestors were kings from a south continent. He was tall, powerful, and very dark skinned. Hirn, a Scythian was also built powerful but lean. His hair was dark and his eyes, an unusual blue. Also on the bench, were a pair of Cilicians, former pirates, Hirn suspected. The ship tossed violently and had taken on an alarming amount of water.
A loud crack of the main beam announced the death of the doomed bireme. Hirn looked to Mago. I'll see you in the next life my friend. Mago nodded as the water rushed in.

Waves crashed onto the shore of the island, the normally beautiful beach was strewn with debris from the shipwreck. Bodies lay in the sand. The survivors set about salvaging all that could be used.

Calidora sobbed on the beach uncontrollably. What have I done to offend the gods so? She cried for her servants, her family, and her lost love Melegros. After a while she pulled her head up out of her hands And watched sullenly as a huge African and wolfish Scythian along with two of the other oarsmen, sea people perhaps, picked through the wreckage.

The first few days the men were consumed with survival and treated Calidora as though she did not exist.
She, spent that time in a daze missing her home and thinking of her family and lost lover.
It was determined the island was rather small but had a fresh spring and herds of wild goats as well as swine. A shelter was built and all the needs for survival were met. It was not long after, that Calidora noticed the eyes of all four men begin to drift toward her shapely figure. Calidora knew that men found her to be desirable. Her skin was olive and unblemished, her doe eyes a soft warm brown, and her hair was a rich dark curly wild mass that framed a stunning face with a small slightly pointed nose. Melegros had immortalized her traits in prose. The men began to bicker in what she knew was the language of the sea people and all had armed themselves with makeshift weapons recovered from the wreckage. Calidora was especially fearful of the African. He was huge in build and dark as night. She feared that it was a matter of time before she was to be raped by one, if not all, of these barbaric men.

It was not long before her fears were realized. Calidora had slipped away to the spring when she thought no eyes were on her to bathe. She was leaving the spring when they leapt upon her. She was brought down from the rear and her face pushed into the soft earth. A sets of hand held her down while a second set tore at her dress. She cried out knowing there was no help and the men both laughed gutturally. Her dress was torn free from her body leaving her feeling terrified and exposed. The hands that had grabbed her dress now grabbed her hips and hauled her ass into the air while the other continued to pin her arms. The body of the man pinning her arms lay across her shoulder and head continuously forcing her face into the earth. Unable to see her terrified imagination ran wild. Suddenly the hands clutching her body let go and she heard a cry of agony. The body holding her down scrambled away freeing her. She rolled in time to see the Scythian shove a makeshift spear into the stomach of the attacker who had her pinned. The African was rising up from the body of the other who had been grasping her waist. It was clear that mans throat was cut.
To the victors go the spoils Calidora thought grimly. The huge African move towards her. She shuddered as he reached down only to realize that he was retrieving the remnants of her garment. He offered it to her gently and she covered herself as best as she could. Both men then left her stunned.
The next few weeks were surreal, both men treated her like a baby.
At first this was a relief, but soon began to aggravate her. Furthermore as she felt less threatened, she began to notice the masculine beauty of both of her fellow survivors. When they were working to improve the shelter, hunting, or sharing conversation in a language she did not speak, she watched. They were in stark contrast, but both magnificent in there own way. The Scythian was of average height and ripped with lean corded muscle. He had eyes the color of the fall sky and a face that was to pretty to be wasted on a man.
The African, no longer terrifying, was broader, more powerful. His face was strong and broad as well. His skin,hair, and eyes were exotically dark and his teeth we perfectly straight and white. Both men possessed a raw hardness that was very different from her only experience, her only lover the soft spoken softly built sweet smelling Melegros.

She began to find herself having silly little fantasies about her companions.
The men, for there part ,continued to ignore her for all practical reasons though she would catch them looking at her often.

So it was one evening that she, out of frustration, spoke to the Scythian knowing he would not comprehend her anyhow.
"I have come to the conclusions that you two must be homosexual. "she stated exasperated.

He looked at her and spoke in broken Greek. " I assure you that we are not princess"

Astonished and a little annoyed she roared " You speak Greek. All this time you could have spoken to me. Why?"
" I promised Mago that I would not "
He said.
He spoke to the African and they both laughed.
"What is so funny" Calidora asked.
" I told Mago you thought we were lovers ".
"Well Scythian, I demand that you take me into the woods and show me that you are not then " Calidora replied. You won't be my first." She said defiantly. As she uttered the words she felt an odd warmth spread thru her loins.
" I cannot. We have both promised that we will not let you come between our friendship . When you are prepared to bed both of us we shall comply with your wishes." He said with a smug smile. He then spoke to the African again and both men laughed heartily.

Calidora was stunned. She just offered herself to a foreign commoner and was rebuffed. The audacity of this man to suggest that she bed his friend as well, this Mago , no matter how magnificent he was physically. What was she some common brothel whore. She stormed off to her canvas shelter to fume and pout. She lay in her makeshift bed in her rags and struggled to think of Melegros as she slid her hand down between her legs. Her fingers found the wetness there from her earlier thoughts. Those thoughts soon intruded and she found herself thinking of the Scythian wondering what it would feel like to feel his weight on her. Look into his eyes as he sank into her. A moan escaped her lips.
She remembered that he would not unless she also bedded the African, Mago. A thrill ran through her as she thought about that prospect as her fingers danced. The darkness of him and the thickest of his shoulders. Her breathing increased and she arched her back as the thought of it drove her closer to climax. She then thought of being shared by the two of them. Taking one of them, Margo into her mouth on all fours as the other, for who she had no name, entered her from behind. She imagined them switching places and shuddered at the verge or orgasm. She stopped suddenly and got up walking out to the fire.
Quietly she took the now silent Scythian's hand. "What is your name ?"she asked looking into his fire lit blue eyes . " Hirn"he replied, rising.
"And you are Mago" she said grabbing the large mans hand and pulling at him as her eyes fell over his broad strong face to his shoulders and lower.
He nodded
He then rose and she led both of them in hand into her shelter.

Inside she wordlessly laid down in the center of the shelter on her back as both men laid to either side of facing her.
Both men began to explore her body as she relished in the sensation of the feeling of their four wandering hands, Hirn brushing her face with one hand and tracing a line down her navel with the other. Mago caressed her breast with one hand then, two, then his gentle mouth. She kissed Hirn passionately as Mago's right hand wandered down discovering her wetness. This excited him and he stood and removed his tunic. The light from the fire filtering through the opening and illuminated his nude body and Calidora gasped at the sight of him fully erect. His manhood was huge, at least in contrast to her only lover. The sight of his erect member enflamed her passion. As he laid himself back down next to her she was overcome by the desire to put as much of him as she could into her mouth. She shoved him onto his back and began to suck on his massive black shaft.
Hirn wasted no time positioning himself behind her. She felt him press against her ass with his body as the head of his member pushed against her wet opening. As he entered her, Calidora felt a wave of bliss nearly overcome her. He had to be huge as well as she had never felt so full with her lover Melegros. She focused her pleasure into the cock in her mouth sucking vigorously as Hirn repeatedly slid his cock deep into her.
He started slow at first but then picked up the tempo. His hand found her waist and the sensation of being held in place and fucked at the same the primal urge to suck, sent her over the edge. She felt an orgasmic explosion,the first of many, rip throughout her body. As she moaned wordlessly onto the cock in her mouth it was through sheer willpower that she resisted the urge to clench her jaw .
Mago reached down and grabbed her gently under the arms and assisted her up onto his lap as Hirns still hard cock slipped out with an audible pop.
She instinctively reached under herself and guided the head of his black member to her doorway.
His manhood was even bigger than Hirn's. She was glad to be on top of him where she had control to slowly lower herself into his pole allowing her womanhood to accommodate him slowly.
By the time she had him in all of the way she was cumming again. The climax was intense as her muscles bore down on his huge black invader.
He hadn't even moved yet. Her moans were loud and uncontrollable. "By the gods fuck me "she impiously uttered. Her started to rock in and out of her and immediately she came again. Her mind was so overwhelmed that she failed to notice Hirn pressing his erect member against her anus.
At first it was painful, and she almost begged him to stop, but slowly it felt warmer and better.
Hirn sunk his cock all the way into her anus as Mago pulled his half way out. Then they both simultaneously reversed directions pistoning in and out of her over and over again. The next orgasm nearly made her pass out in its intensity. It was magnified as both men swelled to impossible girth and fired hot semen into both her womb and bowles at nearly the same time. Calidora and her lovers collapsed both of them resting on either side of her. They all slowly drifted off in the aftermath.

The weeks stretched into a season and the same scene played out day and night as Calidora gave herself both physically and spiritually to both of her husbands. She satisfied Hirn and Mago daily , frequently both together sometimes individually. Always, the satisfaction was hers as well, as both men were attentive skilled lovers blessed with athletic bodies and abundant manhood.

In Greece she may have been a princess but she was a slave as well. Here on her island paradise she was a goddess worshipped endless by two men that she shared bodies and souls with.

Calidora awakened from her latest slumber with a smile on her face. She had not bled in nearly two cycles of the moon. Would the baby in her womb have the eyes of Hirn or the gentle strength of Mago. It mattered not, for she intended to give them both many children. The thought of that made her wet.