power relations in an interracial cuckold relationship

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  1. Pale Tim

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    A question for everyone involved in an interracial cuckoldry relationship. What kind of power relationship exists between the Black Lover, the white wife, and the white husband?

    In the case of my wife Joan and her Black Lover Marc, he is definitely the dominant member of our household. We don't pester him to make every decision of course, or try to put a burden on him; nonetheless, we both do our best to be obedient to his wishes and commands.

    In part, this submissiveness on the part of Joan and I is a natural reaction to Marc's natural assertiveness. Additionally, both my wife and I respect Marc for his sexual abilities.
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    It seems like that becomes a natural reaction to the more assertive black man. Cuck hub was always submissive to me, but I never was to any men, before going black. The first black man used my sexual hunger to take control, and I have tended to be submissive to all the other black men as well.
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