Poughkeepsie area swingers. We need a few Good Men and 1 More Couple


Real Person
Attention Swinger who Live in the Poughkeepsie area. We heard your cries and we are comming back to the area with another hotel party There are a few ladies in your area who love multiple men and we are looking for more woman who enjoys these types of parties. The goal for this party is to have a balance of 5-6 couples and 5-10 single men ( No disrespect to anyone but we are not looking for BBW’s)

We don’t host parties to make a living So on that note We are very selective on who we invite to our parties. Because This event is a gangbang it does not mean any guy of the street will get a invite to our parties

Through a careful process of selection, we successfully congregate an amazingly sexy group of attractive, open-minded and intelligent people with a common interest -- to explore and indulge their erotic pleasures in a shared space. Our guests include exhibitionists, voyeurs, swingers, hedonists, and the unclassified curious!

Single men we are asking $ 40.00 towards the room