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Celeberity who date black men

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Brittany Daniel has dated a couple of black guys since she broke up with David Spade. Before him she'd dated a couple of black guys too, so I imagine her attempt to go back to white didn't take, and she rebounded hard. Can't say I really blame her. Here she is with Keenan Ivory Wayans.

They look perfect for each other. Thus isa really lovely picture
I've been told that Jennette isn't dating that guy any more and the relationship didn't last very long. Can anyone confirm that and if so, hopefully she's dating another black guy.. All I know is that I sure would have enjoyed seeing her riding that big guy..
I've read the same thing... they aren't dating any more. Probably broke up the moment he tried to stick his BBC in her tight little ass! ;)

Either way, I'm sure he wrecked her pussy for any white guy to use... so she has to stay black!