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My absolute favorite when she allows me is when I am sitting on the couch or bed, she lays back into me and I hold her, maybe fondle her chest, if I really lucky I get to stroke her wet. Then as I hold her and she lays her head back on my shoulder, one of her boyfriends slide into her pussy and takes her.

I love watching her get taken and feel the pleasure of her orgasm, but there is nothing in this world better than holding your wife while she has the biggest orgasm of her life given to her from another man.
I didn't even know that was possible!
Wholly WOW!!!!!
How did that feel?
Oh its very possible, Ive been on both ends multiple times, and cant decide which end I like better. It is perfect for deepthroat and the wives seem to like it too. Every once in a while, she'll have to lift her head up for a few minutes, but once we get going that way, we usually stay there for at least half an hour or so.