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Poor Hubby


Gold Member
I haven't allowed my husband to cum for nearly a month now and he is really in rough shape. It's so much fun teasing him and bringing him so close and then stopping. Tonight after he watches Tyrell fuck me with that big black cock of his, I might let my husband jack off. I'll see.



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My slut does that to me sometimes, will suck it until I am almost ready to cum down her throat then she stops and says maybe tomorrow, BITCH!

One Small Dick

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That is a perfect sight for the black man too while he is getting that white pussy. To see a rock hard white dick standing at attention all nice and dry and completely filled with its own load of contained white cum primed up to pump it but not allowed.

The icing on the cake is viewing the clean up duty after the fact. Not only is the white cum not allowed to exit but it will soon have some company in there consisting of some freshly released black cum.