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Poor Albert ...

Albert hadn't had sex in months. Leroy had been fucking his girl most every night. Albert felt so emasculated he wasn't even sure if he still could. But tonight it would be different. Just him and her in their bed together. No Leroy.

Albert called home. He had hesitated for hours but he simply had to know. "Baby, did Leroy arrange for some other guy to be there tonight?" Amused by Albert's uncertain attempt at bravery she assured him, "no baby, no other men tonight. Hurry home dear."

Albert stopped at the flower shop on his way home. There was a bounce in his step that had long ago disappeared. His spirits high, Albert just knew he could do this. He could win his wife back now that Leroy had left town for a few days.

After all, with Leroy out of the picture what could go wrong?

LE 279_1000 (1).jpg

But Albert had forgotten about Leroy's wife ...

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LE 417_1000.jpg

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