PNW, prime location for black people into IR?

Since moving here, I have noticed that the PNW from Portland OR, Seattle,WA, and Vancouver, BC Canada are very white areas. There is a small population of African Americans when compared to other regions like the South, the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and the Rust Belt. The PNW is known for being very liberal and I think the lack of blacks in the area makes them the objects of desire more than other parts of North America.

Obviously, finding dates all depends on the individual, but my hypothesis is that black people in this area (I say people because the women are just as sexy as the men) might have it a little easier. My guess is that in the dating game, black people can have their pick. I'd be curious to hear other peoples experiences/opinions.

For anyone thinking of moving, industries that are expanding in Seattle are tech, construction, restaurant/food service, and hospitality.