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Yeah weve all got fantasies and fetishes and I've certainly got my own. Really loving those girlfriends and wives who put out for these hung black studs.
Huge black cock -vs- married white pussy.......

The sound of that should make most pussies wet.
Whats wrong with a stay at home girl who keeps herself in prime condition if it turns the husband on to work for those perfect finger nails and toe nails. That perfect hotwife look just so you could be the perfect little black cock slut.
I mean what sexually active wife wouldn't want her vacations to include Jamaica and other travel spots to be showing the local studs how good white pussy is. A night of drinking and dancing and flirting knowing you can def bring one or two back and make your vacation a true paradise.
Def into those women who like to keep things in the bedroom and even in everyday life on needles and pins. Always being BBC aggressive during foreplay and whispering at perfect times how good that huge niga dick is for her. Some girls with what they want as a foundation in life and what that pussy really wants in the bedroom would be turned on by all this.
I would so love to hear from those women or anyone who thinks this lifestyle would be hot.