Please recommend a club to meet BBC in San Francisco


Real Person
My wife and I are planning a trip to SF. As part of the prohram I wanted her to have a nice BBC experience. Could anyone please recomend a place to go?
unless something changed dramatically at the Pwr Exchange (S.F.), in the last 5 or so years since we finally quit going there? you'll find the patients in the local psych wards of S.F. to be more friendly and approachable and less self serving and rude as the typical drugged up, down, out or whatever, and/or liquored up fuck'n weirdos that wonder around the halls of that place on most typical nights. most nights, that place is dead as a doornail, with about as many real m/f cpls in it as the S.F. Gay Men's Chorus has in it. none. just a buncha solo dopes on dope looking for whatever da fuck it is they're looking for. when we quit, there were no more females going anymore. no more cpls anymore. nobody engaging in sex acts to watch anymore. just guys, hookers, and the gays upstairs in their area, rude employees and the smell of old cigarettes and stale ass. like a cheap fleabag motels smells. have to know when/what nights and dates are designated as theme events. better crowds. don't just go randomly and expect much of anything. better selection of meats in the coroner's office, usually. but, that's just our opinion, of course.