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    I'm very jealous but turn me on think and do sex with my wife and one black man for now and then I wish in the future with 2 or more guys. ..we had only 3 times. .The first one was great. ..the other 2 times I stopped. ...I really don't know why. ...I got so jealous. please I need someone to help me...what i can do to feel comfortable and enjoy it??? download (8).jpg
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    Maybe the real thing is not for you, perhaps you should just sick with playing the fantasy. Jealousy is a powerful emotion.
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    So you mean that is better don't do it? ?? I can't because she needs and every time we have sex I think about it! ! Even with 6.7 10 guys and it makes me cum in 5 minutes. that means that I need to do it!
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    Hotitalian ... I see several points that need to be made here for you. :)
    • don't confuse your realities with your fantasies ... not all fantasies are meant to be lived out
    • realize that part of sharing your wife is the stimulations and surge of emotions you get watching her enjoy sex with other men, but it's still primarily about HER pleasure, not yours. You should want her to have sex with other men if it heightens her sexual pleasures; if your desires are only for you, you're in it for the wrong reasons.
    • also, understand that each man, who is sharing his wife, reacts emotionally different to seeing their wife having sex with other men. Some men react positively (get stimulated), some react negatively (get jealous or angry), and some men have a smorgasbord of emotions. Only you and your wife can decide if sharing her with other men is enhancing or damaging your own relationship with each other. I, myself, have a fantasy of watching my wife get repeatily gangbanged by 5-10 men (and I've shared that fantasy with her), but it will always be a fantasy. Most she has ever had at once are 3 men (which included me), and she was quite sore afterwards.
    Just try to remember, this activitiy should be stimulating your sexual relationship for each other ... if it isn't, maybe you need to reconsider what you're doing. JMO ... Mac
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    Thank you for the answer. ..let me tell you that I want do that not for my pleasure only. ..I'm not egoistic. ..we both want and need it...she is ready for try more than one or two. ..but she loves me and want wait until I am ready. ..the only thing that I am disappointed is that she doesn't want do that with another girl or couple. .because she is very jealous. ..I told her that and she knows very well that I'm very very jealous but because I love her i want try everything with her. ..we have kids and our own life. .so she is not a bitch. ..I will send you a message with our email so we can talk and I would love to know what you guys think and like. ..bye kiss and hugs