Playing poker


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Ty. It`s played with one or two 54 cards standard decks, depending on the amount of players. The goal is to first unite the Queen of Spades and King of Spades, and subsequently conquer as many spades for the Queen.

But the whole set of rules would be too long explained in this thread, although they are quite easy once you understand their metaphorical meaning. :D
I think there's an interresting story in this picture and I'm guessing that what would probably happen in a situation like this is that the white guy would get mad at his wife for being a totslly irresponsible and naive slut and then makes her watch as he forces all 3 of the black guys to suck off his little white dick and how he fucks them in te ass bareback untill they're screaming how much they love his little white cock pounding their assholes as deep as he can doesn't even hurt because white men have such tiny dicks, but hey, you never know! This is fiction so I could be wrong and something totally unexpected might happen :)

Anybody here that has had any experience in situations like this?
What do you think would happen?
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Very common. Guys rent out girls to serve their private poker parties. If guys are kinky enough they can end up in gangbangs especially when it's the same girl they hire every time.
That is so hot I have fantasized about loosing my wife’s pussy in a card game for years. (...)
Could be hot. But only if she had agreed to it beforehand. Otherwise... nice divorce!

And what if you win? What about the following rules (assuming the wife`s taking part in the game)...

One of the other guys wins => he gets to fuck your wife;
Your wife wins => she freely gets to choose who she wants to fuck;
You win => you are allowed to watch. :p

What about that? *gg*