Places you'd like to have sex


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I've done it in the back of a explorer with tinted windows, the husband drove us around until we both came then he parked in some parking lot and joined us for about another hour or so until we drove back to their place. I've always wanted to do it at a park or I think a bus or plane would be pretty hot too!


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I drive a cab. Tammy has had sex with guys in my cab. They were guys we already knew and set up the date with. They did it while I was driving them down the road. One time, I pulled into a strip-club parking lot and went inside to talk to the door-girl while they finished.

Tammy has also done it leaned against a pickup in a public park.
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Received blow jobs standing at a bar, in restrooms, on airplane, boats and numerous times while driving, fucked in parks, on beaches and on a motorcycle while riding down dirt road out in boonies (damn near got killed), was required to masturbate while seated at table in restaurant, eaten pussy and received strap on at various BDSM clubs, fucked, got sucked and ate cunt in various rooms, closets and hide-aways in both grammar and high schools and could probably think of a bunch more places if my tired old brain could get it's hard drive to reboot. :unsure:

Oh, and pretty much done everything possible in every room of every house or apartment I've lived in and most of their outdoor areas as well. :)

Can't think of anyplace that sounds exciting or interesting to try at the moment, but I'm open to suggestions. Of course, I'd have to convince the Wife that it would be fun to try as well, so ....
Two places I have had sex, in a public park, and my all time favorite on the hood of a car at the drive in movie theater =)

Two places I'd like to have ses....ummm on national TV, and in space =)