Pizza Shop

I was working in Sarasota Fl., when I ran across this pizza joint. The lady who waited my table was in her late fifties but had some young looking legs of twenties. The guys that was with me did not notice her because they were looking at all the younger ladies. Long story short, I made conversation with her and had her dying laughing.I gave her a large tip that she did not expect in which she said come back and see, and I said where at your house. She said sure if you like and wrote down her number and address.I asked her to come by the hotel that night and she did to my surprise. She told me that she had not fucked in seven years and there was something she saw in me.Yes my hard cock at the table because I had my legs gaped open with a large print that she could she. I did not waste any time, I pulled her to me as we sat on the bed and began to finger fuck her pussy with her shorts on. C grab my dick out of my pjs and began to suck it. Not to good at it, but it would do. I took her and laid her back as I undressed her . As I rubbed my fat black cock up and down her very wet slit she let out short moans. I pushed it in as I felt her tightness wrap around my cock, driving deeper she clawed into my shoulders letting out a louder moan. Her pussy was so tight that I had cum within fifteen minutes. We both fell asleep cuddling up together. Later that night I fucked her again.


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I do not want to say, because I am still going over there and she might be in a relationship. But it is near Fruitville Road .
Oh wow, it isn't that place that says ******* Factory live music under their sign? The name of that place (****&****) will intriguing to the wife. She works nearby herself.
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I am not the one to put someone on the hot seat, or kiss and tell . It could ruin their life. But you have the wrong place. When I go back next weekend, I will visit Ellenton Mall. Maybe I will get to meet the wife