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We Bulls and Stallions love seeing nothing more than sweet pink pussy of a married white woman or any woman from around the world; whether you're French, Irish, Jewish, Italian, Hungarian, Filipino, African, "cougar", "MILF", "BBW", small-tittied or even Eskimo. We brothas LOVE the PINK.

You ladies don't want to feel your fingers in your Pink, or rubberized, molded-imitations of us in your Pink or pencil-thin dick and cock in your Pink, you want to feel some REAL MEAT in your Pink. Like the song goes, "lets go straight to number ONE". (Remember: closed lips receive NO BBD/BBC, so spread those lips!)

So, Ladies, show me YOUR Pink... image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

In an effort to keep the pictures as amateur/artistic as possible, I have two requests:
  • No Pictures or "gifs" with websites, copy written "(C)" or copyright protected watermarks, photographer's trademarked watermarks, URL's, email addresses or other indicators on pictures (with exception of the original owner's watermark),
    - is NOT into free promotion to other websites.
  • No Pornstars - Unless they APPEAR amateur. The site suggest you create a thread dedicated to them. It guarantees it will be popular.