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Pics of your first time ever?


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Can we see pics of the first time you truly ever took a BBC? We want to see that look of excitement, the look of passion, the look of lust that comes with a wife or GF experiencing her first black cock and the pics that accompany the episode?


Sweet & Cordial
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benice ... did YOU take pics the first time you got PUSSY? Of course not ... and none of the rest of us did either. The LAST thing my feeble mind was thinking 'bout was taking fucking pictures .... it was my FIRST TIME, and my mind and dick were focused on getting some pussy, not taking "jerking off" pics. Heck, I didn't wash my fingers or dick for a week, savoring that delicious female smell.

One thing my wife and I did video, and we're glad we did ... when we decided to have our first baby, we VHS'd a fuck flick of ourselves for 3 days, during her ovulation period, fucking endlessly. We'd fuck, then make note of what position our bodies were in ... hit the pause button on the VHS. Then, pic the action up again, pause, etc etc ... it looks like I fucked my wife a dozen times in one day, rather than over 3 days. Then, once she showed she was pregnant, we took standing nude pics each month of her belly swelling ... it was fun. :)