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    hi guys... new here and i wana see my wife take on a bbc!!! dont get me wrong i do love her but it seems like im not satisfying her needs.Im not very big..just about 6'' and ive notice her looking at black guys specially when she goes out to the store she teases them and for some reason it turns me on. .She sucks cock real good,she swallows and its kind of a freak in bed. as you can see she is 5'6" 98lbs has a nice tight ass and perky tits with nice suckleble nipples. she's taking it up the ass only once and that was a couple years ago, now she is willing to try it again.So if you think you can fuck her good and hard and make her cum...then she will be waiting. so please tell me what you think.
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    I think she looks amazing and I would totally fuck her till she cummed hard!! Hit me up!
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    I KNOW if you make that pussy available to me, it's a good chance you won't get to fuck her too much any more, are you prepared for that possibility? Cuz I know after I get through beating her pussy(and ass if she'll share it) she wont be too interested in you for anything more than cuckolding.
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    She's good to go!
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    Please share the pics when it happens, and it will happen!
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