Perfect Date Night!

Last night we finally met a guy we have been texting with for about two months, and it finally worked out that we could meet for a drink and possibly more. The night started out with the two of us going to the bar that he picked out which was about 25 min from our house, but right around the corner of his place, which was perfect. Finding a guy that can host is very rare, but what made this date even more rare was what this guy looked like. From my wife's perspective..."He is HOT!". She said he is model gorgeous. So the wife and I get there about 10 min early so we could get some drink in us before he got there, which is what she likes to do. When he got there, I knew she was going to fuck him immediately, just by how she greeted him and how she smiled, I knew. He ordered his drink, and we talked a bit, normal stuff, but then I started the sex talk as in how did he feel when he got my original email on POF, and if he had ever had a cuckold couple before. A live band started and we tried talking over the loud music, but just couldnt, so I asked the wife if she was in to go back to his place, and she was like...YES...lets go. I paid for the drinks and we followed him back to his place. About the guy, He looks like a model you would see in Calvin Klien underwear adds, the hot black guy...that's him. About 6 foot, built like a football player because he was one. Great smile, and even better personality. This guy has it all, which we later found out. We get to his place and there is a parking space for us, amazing, since we have had to drive around apartment complex's before looking for a spot, this time, right up front. We walked with him to his apartment and got some water once in. After some chit chat, we went into his bedroom and while I was getting water for the 3 of us, the two of them started making out, which was hot. Almost immediately, my wife's top is off and she is kissing him like there was no tomorrow. I just sat on the bed on the opposite side of the two of them enjoying the view. He had her bra off and was kissing both of her tits, licking her nipples and just enjoying her 36 DD tits. At this point, she had to get naked, so she took off her pants, and I slid her thong off as we always the cuckold, I am to present her pussy to her thats what we did. I then took off my clothes so I could play with my little 5 inch dicklet. He was still dressed, so at this point, she took his shirt off to reveal the most amazing chest she had ever seen..his upper body and abbs were like what you would see in a movie. So she kissed his nipples and tounged his abbs and stuff while getting his pants unbuttoned. She got his pants down, and he had on long boxer type of underwear, I could see he was already hard, wow...that was a shot of adrenaline. She took her time to get to the good stuff by kissing and licking right where is underwear line was then slowly pulled down his underwear to reveal his massively thick and long 9 inch black cock...he has to be 9x9...not only long but just thick as an arm. My wife later said that she almost came at this point just out of the excitement of the moment seeing this guys cock. Keep in mind that she has been reading cuckold books that deal with hotwife and cuckold husbands playing with black men. Her expectations and excitement were met with this guys cock. The guys cock, his body and his personality all add to many more dates. So after she gets his massive cock out she sucks him like there was nothing holding her back. She really likes sucking cock, but loves it when she can barely get her mouth over the head...she loves the challenge. After a bit of time of her getting him all worked up, he told her to lay down so he could eat her pussy, which he did with amazing ability. She later told me he ate her better than any man ever had before, that his tongue and lips worked together to perfection and she said even if he was only 6 inches, she would play with him again just because he could eat pussy so good. So after a bit of that, he told me to suck him a bit to get him ready to fuck my wife, which was hot, especially when my wife looked at me as if to it. I grabbed him and was amazed at how thick his cock was. He was also cut, so his dick just looked amazing, as he does. While I was sucking on him, the wife got her pussy ready for a pounding, and he got his magnum condom out, I rolled it on him, and then sat back to watch the best fucking of my wife I had ever seen. First he had her missionary, which she loves, with her legs fully out and raised up. He told me to rub her neck under her head, so I did, and she loved that...getting fucked, and the back of her head rubbed...she was in heaven. After a bit of this, he rolled her on her side, and he climbed up so her legs were scissored, and he was fucking her hard, real hard, and she made noises and sounds I had never heard. It was amazing. Again, after a bit of this position, he moved her again so she had one leg up and they were fucking on their sides, at which point he told me to lick her clit while he was in her, fucking her. I went in and was licking her clit and his shaft that was working back and forth in my wife's pussy. I love the smell and taste of condom on my wife, so I was very happy to be in this position. After my wife came for the 2nd time of the night and he came with his condom on inside her, we took a water break and talked. After about 5 min or so of this, and me rubbing her clit and he was rubbing her leg, I could tell she wanted more of this guys massive cock in her. The amazing thing was that he never lost his erection. After the rest, I was thinking he would put another condom on, but my wife just climbed on his cock and was rubbing it against her pussy...I was rubbing it from behind all around her pussy while she was squatting over him...when she just put it in her and she started riding him like I had never seen. She said he was so deep in her that she felt parts of her pussy that she never felt before. I was totally fine with this bare-backing of my wife since he came already. She rode him for a bit, then I reminded her of the position we wanted to try...her on him, but with her back to him so I could lick her clit while he was in her. We did this, harder than we had thought though to get into this position so I could get in there. It was still hot. She moved off him a bit so I could suck him and clean him...which was hot. They again changed positions, this time to a doggy style, when he just started fucking her hard...very hard, and giving her a good slap on the ass, which she loves. After a bit of this, I asked if I could get under them, the perfect cuckold position. I slid under them and had a perfect view of this massive cock sliding in and out of my wife, no condom, bareback. I was licking her click and his balls, somtimes holding his dick with my fingers right at the area that was going into my wifes pussy...squeezing his shaft, which he seemed to really like. Also pulling her ass checks apart, if your a cuckold husband that has been under there, you know what its like. Little drips of juices...amazing. He then pulled out and came all over her back, which I was gladdly rubbing into her ass checks and then using it to jack myself off to a massive climax which was laughed at by the two of them because I shot so far and high...which meant that I was such a cuckold that loved watching my wife get fucked by a real man, that touched parts of my wifes pussy that had never been touched. I came...we all cleaned up and got dressed and said our goodbys. On the way home she said she will be seeing him many more times for sure. I took pics with the camera phone, but they are very dark. I will post some.