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People you know

Since this lifestyle is not the norm, I was wondering if it ever crossed any bodies mind that maybe your some of your friends, coworkers, or even family members could be secretly into the cuckold scene. It would be awesome to log on one day and see someone I know but the possibility is slim because I understand the need for discretion
My wife Pam has an identical twin sister. Does that count? Her name is Penny, her nick name anyway. Penny sounds much better than Phenelope, and much easier to pronounce. Anyway here's how things developed with Penny over the last 5 years.

Penny was married to a real looser! He is a has-been lawyer, despised by his inlaws, yes, including Pam, as well as those in the firm he worked with as well as others in his profession. Penny's parents did everything they could to dissuade her from dating and later from marrying him. Like the saying goes, no one is so blind as a woman in love! They eloped. They were married for four years when she divorced him. There were few, if any, secrets between Pam & Penny. Then, as we've written elsewhere on this site, Pam had her first affair with an old university friend and roommate of mine, Edwin. Edwin is black. Within a year of that, not unexpectedly, Pam told Penny about it. Sometime later, I don't recall how long, but several months later, Edwin and his brother were visiting us. Naturally Pam invited Penny to join us for dinner with them. I guess that it was natural, especially since Penny had been celibate for almost two years, she was ready for some good stiff cock! Black cock apparently appealed to her because she invited Eduard to lunch the following day. Pam later told me that she and Eduard made out that afternoon, that night, the next day and night, and on and on! Since then Pam fucked Eduard and Edwin fucked Pam! Yea, go girls!
Never surprises me .....anymore.... to see people in pictures and videos on these websites . Does make me wonder that they are in fact posing for these pictures and videos ...so its not like its some big secret they are hiding . Seeing
much more of this now too ..especially with couples .