Penis size of a sissy

generally a man with which size is called as a sissy?

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Thanks acord220. You're absolutely right, at least for something he was good. Though in truth, I have to say him "Thanks" too for his acceptance to be cuckold. Eventually he agreed to sign "Cuckold Contract" that gave me freedom and huge amount of pleasures I didn't have before.
Do you need his permision to be happy and fullfilled?

HotWife El

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A win-win situation for both of you, esp for you. hehheh
Again you're absolutely right. Both of us more or less have got each their dividends of this.
He is happy that I am satisfied sexually and this point won't a factor to destroy our family anymore. He has learned to feel my orgasm and embraced as his own. He knows I love him even more now. He found himself in this fetish, ready to sacrifice. He thinks it's quite brave and courageous act, to give up his freedom, for our happiness.
Of course I've got little bit more of it.
Now I am absolutely free to choose whom I want to have in my bed. I have hubby's support and help in searching of my studs. Now I can even earn some money since my cucky has to pay for sex with me.

In concluding all of these I would say that our family life became more healthier now.