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Pay back for a good time :)

Curious Couple 4 BBC

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Last year one of my lovers had a birthday surprise he still talks about.."Mike was a gorgeous black guy I met him one night when I was out at the club with my girls...We talked..we danced..and since hubby wasn't home I invited him back for some late night pool fun with me and my crazy crew...Mike agreed and followed me and my three best friends back to my place. As soon as we got there I told Mike just get naked and me and the girls would be right out...Me and my girls put on our little bathing suits and met Mike in the pool, when he saw us he said "Damn your girls tits are big as hell!!" we were all giggling from a good night of drinking and ask him if he had anything big for us...thats when he approached the three of us giant cock in hand and said "yes I do"...Me and my friends we smiling from ear to ear as we all grabbed at his big black cock like hungry animals...we spent the next half hour just jerking him off in each others mouths and when he came he came like a porn star...he made sure each one of us had his cum sprayed across our chest ...Till this day he still talks about it :) He wanted me to post this, even though some of you may have already seen these pic in a previous post of mine oh well can never have too many boob pic's right? :)


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